Tips for measuring for your ao dai:

  • Stand straight
  • Wear the same bra and shoes you'll wear with the ao dai
  • Don't wear bulky clothes
  • Note the following measurements are measured all the way AROUND each of the subject:
    Bust, waist, hip, neck, upper arm, elbow and hat.
  • Make sure your measuring tape is closely fitted, but not tight
  • Dress and pants length is up to your preference, it can be shorter or longer.
    Warning: If the front of the dress is too long, it could cause difficulties when walking.
  • Get someone to help
  • ALL measurements should be in centimeters and whole or decimal numbers.
  • ALL measurements are required!
1. Bust
2. Waist
3. Hip
4. Neckline to waist
5. Neckline to bust
6. Neck
7. Upper shoulder to waist
8. Neck to wrist
9. Upper arm
10. Elbow
11. Neck to elbow
12. Pants length
13. Dress length
14. Hat